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Remote Role Support 

 Remote Virtual Support | General Business Support

Healthcare Support 

In Healthcare, high quality is the only option.

The world of medicine never stops, and building the right team can often be a difference in someone's life. With Tele-Help, you can staff an around-the-clock team and qualified experts in the right spot without breaking the bank. Our team currently supports Telehealth and clinical practice with an assortment of Specialist:

  • General Administrative 

  • Virtual Medical Receptionist 

  • Patient Coordinator 

  • Remote Patient Monitoring 

  • Telehealth Support 

  • Phone Triage 

Tele-Help | Remote Virtual Support Marking Support

General Business Support 

The business processes the customer do not see are often the glue.  Let us help!

Running a business has many moving parts, and staffing a company for success while being profitable can sometimes be challenging.  

With Tele-Help, the difficulty is removed.  We can help you find an assortment of quality specialists, not limited to the list below, while saving your company money.  

General Business Specialties we currently provide partners: 

  • Project Manager

  • Book Keeper

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Administrative Assistant 

  • Data Entry Coordinator

  • Dispatcher

  • Outbound Sales Representatives 

Tele-Help | Healthcare Support

Marketing Support

Getting your name our there means business, and Tele-Help does not playing games!

Leveraging remote marking team members allows you many abilities, all while saving on cost. With Tele-Help, we can help your company save money while driving the department that generates growth.  We can provide the following:
- Marketing Assistants 
- Social Media Coordinator 
- Marketing Analyst 
- Content Creator / manager 
- Graphic Designer

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