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Four Reasons WHY You Should Hire Remote Mexican Workers

Updated: Feb 8

Hiring Internationally can be nerve-racking, but with the right partner, and the right people, it can be your superpower!

Companies worldwide search high and low for committed, reliable, and hard-working people. Mostly contributed to the Great Resignation, which largely impacted the United States and Europe, good workers are harder to find than ever before, but modern times require modern solutions.

Remote international workers or Remote Virtual Assistants, as the workers are commonly called, can solve this deficit in available quality personnel.

Tele-Help is a business processing organization or BPO dedicated to providing the top 3% of the Mexican workforce to the world without any of the complexities of international taxes or employment. Here is why you should hire your Remote Virtual Assistants via Tele-Help!

Reason #1: High Productivity Rates

Remote Virtual Assistants from Mexico do not drag their feet when given a taste from their supervisors. Research shows that international remote workers have higher productivity levels than those in the United States or Europe. This is due to a difference in work ethic, or the understanding that even virtual jobs require significant effort. Nonetheless, your company can either retain or exceed its former effectiveness while utilizing a Remote Virtual assistant from Mexico.

Reason #2: No Time-Zone Discrepancies

Hiring a Remote Virtual Assistant via Tele-Help is similar to hiring in the United States due to time zone alignment. More likely than not, you will stumble upon more issues hiring United States staff from across the States that operate under a different time zone than you will Mexican Workers. The timezone friction in the States can lead to schedule confusion and employee turnover.

The quality of work can sometimes be similar in the United States, as it would be hiring from Mexico. However, Mexican culture and work ethic drive us to a level of commitment and duty to our employer that supersedes the friction caused by miner time differences.

Reason #3: Professional Skills

Never assume Remote Virtual Assistants from Mexico are less qualified to work jobs. Mexican Remote Virtual Assistants' quality of work equals that of their United States counterparts. Remote Virtual Assistants from Mexico are Highly educated and experienced in the fields they work in as well.

Companies that hire Mexican residents endorse their work, showing they have the necessary qualifications and experience to fill all remote positions. Workers qualified to fill specific positions receive equivalent training and education that supports their capabilities. Although Mexico may be different culturally, they still possess a workforce that works hard to succeed. This is the case with Tele-Help, cost-effective Remote Virtual Assistants who perform high-quality work for less.

Individuals passionate about their work exist all over the globe – you would only shortchange yourself by assuming that virtual staff sourced from Mexico are not skilled or qualified to fulfill your company's needs.

Reason #4: Low Cost

Remote Virtual Assistants from Mexico typically cost less per day.

Some companies that work with Remote Virtual Assistants charge monthly, but the overall pricing starts from around $30/day per staff member.

Independent virtual workers charge less as well. However, they are often improperly employed and not locally managed. AKA, you assume all the risk. Tele-Help guarantees the quality of their people, or we will replace them at no charge.

The cost of living in Mexico is also lower than in the United States. This cost difference removes the need to furnish a hefty paycheck that can sustain a family living in the suburbs of America. Although it may seem odd to pay a worker as little as $5/hour, it is essential to consider the cultural and economic differences between countries.

No matter the reason, Remote Virtual Assistants hired from Mexico typically cost much less than Unites States employment. So leverage the benefits and quality of work that Mexican staff accomplishes while saving money!

So we ask, WHY are you not leveraging this superpower!?

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